Digital Summit

Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019

4th – 5th April 2019

Location: Palace of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

More detailed information:


First Western Balkans Digital Summit was held on

18th – 19th April 2018 

Location: Hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje, FYR of Macedonia

The aim of the first regional Digital Summit in Skopje was to highlight the enormous impact and potential of digital transformation for businesses and society. Our partners presented best practices for digitization in various industries to initiate a regular exchange between political leaders and business stakeholders.

During the two-day event, numerous high-profile participants from national politics, business, and the EU discussed trends and ideas for digitization.  

The highlight of the Digital Summit were four panels with experts and newcomers on the most pressing issues of digitization:

  1. Digital Environment, Networks and Services, Connectivity and Access
  2. Trust and Security
  3. Digital Skills
  4. Digital Economy and Society