The overall goal of the digital WB6+ initiative is to raise the best possible opportunities to drive digital transformation in the Western Balkans. It aims at

  1. initiating and stimulating a public multi-stakeholder dialogue on the digital transformation of the Western Balkans,
  2. improving investment conditions, and
  3. facilitating the EU integration of the Western Balkans.

In a first step, the initiative aims to provide clear and solid evidence on the state of play of the business environment and multi-faceted benefits an accelerated and regional digital transformation would create in the Western Balkans. Therefore, a study was conducted that shows the potentials of digital transformation.

In a second step, clear-cut and evidence-based policy recommendations and best practices will be offered which shall serve to facilitate and reinforce a multi-stakeholder dialogue. Thereby, each economy of the WB6+ shall also be equipped with compelling arguments to follow a regional and cooperative approach with the goal to attract investments and new funding opportunities for regional commercial initiatives.